Saudi Pultrusion Cable Support Systems is designed and manufactured to provide an efficient and cost effective solutions for engineers facing problems on using conventional cable support system made from galvanized steel and aluminum. SPI Cable Support Systems is designed with a structural integrity commonly associated with steel and aluminum but without their thermal conductivity and corrosion problems.

All pultruded profiles used in Cable Support system were made of premium grade isophthalic polyester or vinyl ester resins and meet the fire retardancy requirements of UL94 V-0, ASTM D-635 and ASTM D-84, it contains nominally 70% E-glass reinforcement.



SPI Cable Support System is designed to comply with the requirements of NEMA FG 1-1993 under three load span classifications:

75 kg/m on a recommended maximum span of 3.5m

110kg/m on a recommended maximum span of 6.0m

150kg/m on a recommended maximum span of 6.0m

Cable ladder produced under any of these classifications is available in lengths of either 3m or 6m and in widths from 150mm to 900mm. Rung spacings are available at either 150mm or 300mm centers. All fittings are based on a standard radius of 600mm. Variations to these lengths, widths, rung spacings and radius are available to order.

Cable tray is produced in standard length of 3 meters. Standard widths range from 100 to 300mm. Other tray widths can be made to order. Tray can be provided plain or with a perforated base. Perforations are on standard 300mm centers and provide both ventilation and sites for cable tie down


Cable support systems are designed using high strength to weight ratio pultruded structural composites profile.

The ladder type system comprises two channel side rails connected by transverse rungs. All rungs to side channel connection have both a mechanical and adhesive lock.

Cable trays are constructed from high strength pultruded channel profile. Tray can be provided plain or perforated to provide cable fastening and/or ventilation.

All fittings, horizontal bends, risers, reducers, tees, etc. used to enable cable routings to deviate from a straight line into another plane are constructed from same profiles as the straight ladder section.

Standard joining of cable ladder or tray sections and fittings is accomplished via 316 stainless steel plates, bolts and fasteners. Fiberglass joining accessories are also available for systems requiring total insulating properties.

Straight sections and fittings can be pre-drilled to accept joining accessories, if desired. Cut edges and drilled holes are all sealed at manufacture.

CAUTION: In the case of site fabrication, all cut edges and holes must be sealed with a formulated resin sealer prior to installation.